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Small bruises appearing?


I have seropositive RA and am 3 weeks into 10mg methotrexate. I seem to be getting small bruises appearing on my forearms. Should I be worried? 😕

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I'm seropositive & on MTX but have always bruised easily, I had investigations years before I was diagnosed which came back inconclusive. I find arnica gel helps, they soon start to fade. I think it's common with RD anyway but if you can't recall causing a bruise ask your Rheumy or nurse. It's common to question everything when starting a new med but look through your Patient Information Leaflet, that covers everything you should pay attention to or report.

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Thanks- I have much to learn☺

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You'll glean more I'm sure.

It might be nothing to worry about, but I would definitely tell your nurse, unexplained bruising is one of the things that should be reported.....see patient information leaflet. Always a good idea to take a photo, if they get bigger you can compare, and it's more evidence.

Incidentally I have massive bruises....everywhere!!! But I have had investigations.

Hope it's just a blip. Itcan be so frightening when you are first diagnosed. This forum is great, usually someone has helpful info.

Best wishes, M x

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