My introduction to RA--An insomnia induced note to an Unwelcome Friend

How can a fella get your goat in your sleep and then have the audacity to linger in the morning?

I felt the need to contradict you, not just a quick retort but with action. I steadied a course to distinguish you. I looked at my hands and feet and called them to action. They. Just. Wouldn't. Move.

I met you in the corner of my dreams. It was an unexpected encounter that slowly altered the rest of my life. I will curse the night I met you a thousand times a minute but like a pimply faced teenager, love struck and obsessed, you just won't let me forget. I screamed at you to go away and never call me again but that attempt proved futile. There you were, sneaking up on me at all hours of the day and night pinching me everywhere for attention.

Ok fella, you wanna dance? Let's dance. It will be an awkward first dance like a 1960's prom date with bobby socks and saddle shoes. Just promise not to squeeze my hands too tightly. It hurts too much when you do. And be mindful of of my toes and ankle as the scars you left the days and weeks before are on fire.

Let's dance softly, quietly to the rhythm of Billy Holiday or Louis Armstrong. I know you won't let me lead, you're stubborn that way, but I'm a feisty gal that wants to learn how to keep you in line and I don't want to be afraid of what I find. Be patient with me while I learn. I'll respect you more if you lay quiet and set me free to explore the unlimited mountain peaks where I live. If you come back too quickly don't be surprised if I throw a tantrum or two. I'll revert right back into an eleven year old girl who doesn't get her way. But, I'll learn. I won't stop fighting, but I'll learn.

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  • Good on you! Get that fella in his proper place..... (Mine is female, bad tempered and bitchy with a nasty sadistic streak)

  • Love it !

  • That's great! I look forward to another once you start getting the better of that fella. :)

  • That's brill 😊x

  • Great idea. Good luck with the next chapter xx


  • I love it! You have a talent with words. You expressed a lot of my feelings and attitudes in ways I wish I could use. This is inspiring. I hope to hear some more about how you keep the fellow in line. But above all I hope you'll have success and no pain, fatigue etc. All the best.

  • You are a poet!

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