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Sleep issues


I need to find a good way to sleep. I normally sleep on my stomach (have been for years) and recently my back has started to hurt a lot in the morning. It feels relieved whenever I lay on my back, but for some reason whenever I try to sleep on my side, it hurts as well. I'm running out of ideas. I already tried putting a pillow underneath my pelvis when I sleep on my stomach- doesn't help. I tried putting a pillow between my legs when I'm on my side- also doesn't help. I've also tried putting a pillow underneath my feet & the small of my back when I try to start out falling asleep on my back, but it seems that the only comfortable way to fall asleep is on my stomach (but I know this can cause many problems). Does anyone have any advice? I'm a bit desperate.

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Have you thought of body pillows? They run along whole length of body so you can be halfway between being on your stomach and being on your side. Often found in maternity sections of shops, and places like Argos.

Thanks, I'll try that.

Maybe a visit to a physio might help to see if there's underlying problems?

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Sure, I'll see into that. Thank you :)

I heard of someone who got really good help with sleeping positions from an OT. I think probably the OTs have available different types of wedges and pillows you can try and they can work out what gives you the best sleeping position. It might be worth a phone call to OT to see if your area would give you help on this.

How old it your bed, it is recommended to change every 10-15 years, I think on the lower side is good for us as our skeletons really need the correct support, and ensure the new bed is the correct firmness of any new bed/mattress. I have more pain if I sleep on a bed that is to soft or too firm and esp if it's too old

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I switched to a tempurpedic mattress. They are amazing. Good luck! Doreen

I found I hurt when sleeping on a base that is too firm. On the other hand I need a firm base/mattress otherwise it's worse. My solution was to buy a down mattress topper. I now have the best of both worlds. Worth a try? All the very best.

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