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Fingers crossed...


Right....I need an alternative phrase to replace : fingers crossed! I didn't realise how often I say it lol....

Suggestions please ☺

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Touch wood, knock on wood, all things being equal, with luck, sure I've more tucked away!

in reply to nomoreheels

All being well, God willing.

...with a fair wind, with a bit of luck

OMG!! I'm with you on that one. I always say "Fingers crossed, if I could!"

It's actually been a marker of how well I'm doing! I can finally, once again, cross my fingers perfectly on my right hand and nearly achieve it on my left!

All the best to you!

I went to click my fingers today....ouch! Forgot I couldn't do that anymore!! lol..'This is the life' came to mind....yet another phrase we use often ☺should be this is the life for an RA victim lol...😂I have got a really silly sense of humour 😆

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