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Nonagenarian could beat me in a foot race!

Have had a normal night, you know feet hurt, hands and wrists hurt. Difficulty in sleeping, husband snoring. I decided to get a few bits from my local town this morning. I parked in the nearest car park to the final shop and got my stick out to walk to the mall. I have decided at the speed I walk, a nonagenarian would beat me in a foot race. Is this normal? I am 51! Just taken week 6 of my mtx, have 10 days till the Rheummy/nurse appointment. Getting a little fed up of feeling tired all the time and not sleeping.

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Unfortunately it can be whilst your RA is getting under control! It can take three months or so for you to feel the difference of mtx.

But tell the nurse of your problems and they may be able to give you more help.

Your description tho was hilarious , just how I feel lol X


As A says it takes time for the MTX to build up, up to 12 weeks is the norm but you can certainly add something to help with any inflammation or pain you have. Just ask your Rheumy nurse or GP, explain as you have to us & hopefully they'll be able to help. I know exactly what you mean about walking & I've be on MTX coming up to 7 years. We've been looking at cars this morning & I gave up trying to keep up so went back to the car & told my h to text me if he & the salesman found anything he needed my input on! My f-i-l who is 85 & has heart problems walks faster than me, so I guess I'd be hard pushed to keep up with a nonagenarian too & I've only 4 years on you!

I also have OA & the pain & discomfort in bed was really affecting my sleep despite investing in a new mattress. As part of my treatment my GP prescribed amitriptyline as a muscle relaxant for cervical problems but it also relaxes my brain! I've had properly restful sleep for a good while now & it makes a real difference coping with daily life.

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Love it! It describes me perfectly! I an 60 and have RA, OA and asthma. My RA was diagnosed in 2004, but knowing now what the symptoms are, I have had some since I was a child. My h is 66 and is waiting for a knee replacement, yet gallops off into the wide blue yonder as I struggle to catch up!

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