Not good news!

Had emergency appointment today with rhumatolog for a "floppy" little finger and solid wrist .

They now talk about tendon repair and wrist fusion and put me on emergency list with orthopedic.

Also they want to change some of my medication ( tocilizumab instead of humira injection)

Although humira works for other joints it didn't work at all for my hands.

The problem will be being off work for 3 months (or more) as my job is physical.

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Well that has to be scary! How long have you had the floppy finger and solid wrist? I've heard that the surgery is quite successful, so wishing you all the luck with yours! Hope you are better soon!

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I lost a finger tendon beginning of Dec (but I only decided to show someone this week)

The wrist not moving has started about 6 months ago with lose of movement and now I can't move it at all.

I have a very strong pain tolerance (I have been told) and I usually leave things for quite a long time before talking about it!


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