Upping my dose of sulfasalize again, 3000 mg daily...when will I truely reach "remission?" What is the definition of "remission"?

I've been fooling myself believing I've reached "drug induced remission" I've been so proud of myself...Then I read a post by Mirren....I cut and pasted it because this is exactly how I feel..."So I'm bravely plodding on and working through the pain, and I realise if the pain was really bad I couldn't do that. I am worried though, that low level or mod level pain means some disease process continuing and my bones are slowly being eaten while I grin and bear it."

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  • Well that's not remission to me! In my book it is getting to the end of the day and realising you haven't thought about having RA or being in pain once, because you haven't needed too.

    Still be proud of yourself tho', as you are doing well. And it's good that your RA is responding to the drugs at all. So it's just that you need a bit more time to get there.

    But it's hard to find the balance between being patient, and pushing enough to get treated as you need to. I forget whether you're on MTX as well as Sulpha & hydroxy? I did go up to 3g of Sulpha at one point, but my digestive system found that too exciting (if you get what I mean), so instead I stuck at 2.5g and doc upped the MTX instead - which worked better for me.

  • Thanks for your reply, I had a reached a period of non pain back in November. So I tried to drop my hydroxy down to 300 mgs a day. Low and behold the pain crept back 4 weeks later. I woke up one morning and with enlarged unmoveable thumbs.

    I increased my hydroxy back up to 400 mg daily. The pain has subsided somewhat and my rheumy suggested I increase my sulfa from 2000 mg to 3000mgs. I'm not on MTX but I'm sure if I don't get back to being pain free I will be. I see my rheumy in March to be re assesed.

  • Been there, done that, and have many tee-shirts saying I tried to reduce my drug dependency...... It works for some, but I think I am slowly realising that I'm in this game for life, and will be rattling with pills from now on. So much so that I've just ordered a hand-made wooden 7 day pill box. if I've got to take all these pills at least I can look at something nicer than a nasty pink plastic pill box.

    But give it a bit longer and who knows, you could be a lucky one.

  • I learned my lesson the hard way. I don't think I will try to lower my drugs again. I too have come to the conclusion that I'm on these pills for life.

    To be honest, Hydroxy scares me more that MTX . I have always had good eyesight up until I turned 45. I will be 50 years old this year and my vision isn't what it used to be. My sight has detioriated since last year and my opthamologist says it's a natural progression of ageing. Though because I'm on Hydroxy, he is sending me for a second opinion at an eye clinic to have my eyes scanned. My scan is tomorrow.

  • Me to - I have low level pain and sometimes for a short period I have dreadful pain but like you I continue to just carry on but all the time worry that slowly my joints/bones are being eroded away but because its happening slowly Im not really noticing it - I suppose one thing I could do is keep a diary of the pain Im seeing the nurse in March so will ask her what she thinks - if I need an increase in drugs take care xx

  • My rheumy says if there is swelling and I don't feel pain, damage is still being done. This is one scary sneaky disease.

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