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Pain Free

I hope everyone had a near pain free Christmas as possible.

I have been taken of Methatraxate and Sulphasalzine and had a steroid injection in my behind for a Christmas present.

Was nice to meet BinitKath from here at Medway Hospital.

Happy and painfree New Year to all.




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I had the same menu for Christmas. Be blessed.

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Great stuff , glad Christmas went well x


Only people with RA would call a steroid in the bum a Christmas present. I had one too and said thank you so much. Your post made me laugh.

Hope you had a good Christmas and a better New Year.

Patsy 57

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No matter what type of arthritis a person has it still hurts like hell. I'm making an,appointment next week to see my rheumatologist again. My hip and lower back as,well as my ankles and feet have been hurting non stop. I think it's more than just my osteoarthritis that o have for the way it's been acting. It's also in my shoulders and knees and hands as,well. Good luck with yours. J.Q



Im the same hun wen it hits my spine and knees im walking like a 90 year old.....i just know exactly how you on morphine patches and liquid does help..

But im needing it thats the worry so im planning a big weight lost 15 stone im looking at losing four stone..but i want too now so im hoping it will help all my ostes.

Happy new yearxxx


Last winter was awful for me. My feet hurt all day everyday. This year it's in my hip , shoulders , knees and lower back. I'm think this winter will be worse for me. Now that it's in other parts of my body now. Just recently I started feeling it in my ankles as,well. I think 8m dealing with something else than just osteo. Not alot is helping me right now. Hope you have better luck easing your symptoms than I am right now. Good luck and happy new years to you as,well. J. Quinn


The same to you. Wish I could say I'd had a pain=free Christmas. It was bad yesterday and now I'm got a stinking cold. But I live in hope that the New Year will bring some relief.

Best wishes to everyone


Arrh happy new year can only get betterxxx


Sorry to hear so many of you are having a painful Christmas.

I have oa in my hips and lower back and ra in hands and knees, my xmas present seems to be working. @Patsy-57, I also said thank you and my nurse laughed.



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