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Clinical Research opportunity - Stratification of Biologic Therapies for RA by Pathobiology (STRAP)

NRAS is supporting this exciting research that may help improve treatment of RA in the future by being able to "tailor" the therapy to the individual.

The aim of this study is to investigate whether the most effective choice of biologic medicine for people with RA may be guided by examining the joint tissue (synovial tissue) and, in particular, whether different levels of immune cells (called B cells) within the joint can predict response to treatment.

The ultimate aim is to provide a tailored approach to treatment decisions for people with RA, in order to maximize their potential response to biologic medicines.

This trial is currently taking place at the following NHS hospitals:

Mile End hospital, London – Lead Site

Whipps Cross University Hospital, London

University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

University College London Hospitals, London

Freeman Hospital Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Glasgow

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford

If you need any further information about the STRAP trial, or are interested in participating, please visit the STRAP website matura-mrc.whri.qmul.ac.uk/.

Alternatively, please contact the Project Manager, Dr Gaye Hadfield, on 0207 882 2904 g.hadfield@qmul.ac.uk

Full background information on this study will soon appear on the NRAS website too.

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