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RA appt

Hi everyone, just back from appointment with reumy consultant and she has told me I've got oesto arthritis on my hands and feet to go along with the RA just what I needed, she also reduced my methrotextrate inj down to 20 mgs from 25mgs , as the jump was making me I'll , and she basically said that the level I'm at now is what I'm going to be like for the remaining years of life, but that my joints will not be anymore damaged and that I don't need to go back for 1 year unless I my health detiorates , so that puts me in limbo land as far as work is concerned as I tried to go back, but it was too heavy and couldn't manage

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Hmmm, not sure I'd put your consultant on my Christmas card list. Seems a bit of a cop-out to me.

The whole way of saying " oh, that's OA now" in joints that have basically been opened up to damage because of repeated inflammation from RA, to me is a rubbish explanation. I did question my consultant as to whether had the RA been better controlled from the start this wouldn't have happened to my knuckles, but despite being a great consultant I didn't really get a good answer.

And saying this is as good as it gets, if you are not completely controlled, also seems less than helpful. Can you talk to your GP perhaps about what would improve your life - do you still have inflammation or is it more that you need to build yourself back up slowly? And if so can they help with physio and so on?

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She kept going on about my bloods but the last CPR reading had shot up from 5 to 270 plus my victimin d is low, but I've to stick to 20mgs off metx plus salfazalazine and hydrox plus my other tablets , she said I've rd plus oa so I think the medication will stop further damage and I've to try and build myself up,but if I get further problems I've to get in contact with her


Hey Pops,

You should be the one who decides what level of medication you are going to be on for the rest of your life?

You have the power to make changes to your body and cut inflammation in ways that means you may in time be able to reduce your medication as many others have done.

Don't just accept your fate.

I wouldn't worry too much about the OA aspect of what she said? OA is likely a consequence of your RA, especially if you do nothing to support your joints nutritionally or carry on making the same choices that got you into this situation. Basically it's joint damage from RA not a whole separate disease you need to worry about.

We are all in that same boat of progression, so I would just relax and think about what you can do to affect your future. Worrying won't help, positive action on diet and lifestyle will.:)

Here's something interesting I have found with work and weight training.

Weight and heavyness don't always correlate to muscle strength?

I can lift a fair weight on my day, but on other days I'm much weaker? Sometimes this is a mental thing and just a cop out, usually it's because lifting is painful to the joint and my brain tells me not to lift it. I do however have the strength on any given day.

Releasing it is the key.

Lifting isn't fun at any time but if you rebuild your cartilage and improve your hormone function, your strength and ability to do work will increase dramatically.

Here we go again...

Cut out the processed foods

No cakes and breads


Eggshell membrane


Anti oxidants

Anti inflammatory foods


Vitamin D3

Vitamin E

Codliver oil

Odourless garlic

Evening primrose

Glutamine for the gut

Creatine monohydrate for building muscle and strength

Pine pollen for testosterone

Remove all bad estrogens from the liver with beetroot juice and diet

Detox detox detox

Here's why we need to detox, taken from a post I wrote earlier in the week about enemas and detoxing......


Hey folks,

Where to start on this one?

Facts I think.

I'm just going to throw some stuff out here and then try to explain or point to links.

This thread is already BIG so I'm going to try and be brief and let you decide from the info or come back with questions.

Detox wasn't started by the health industry to separate you from your money.

Detox was has been around for a long time! Since before medicine. Think of people taking spa baths to mineralise and detox. The beneficial directly observed effects have been known for thousands of years.

Much like enemas.

Enemas have been around for 3,500 years! Reportedly invented by the Egyptian god Thoth.

More on enemas later...

If you are unwell you can and must detox !

Anyone who's read the book "the extracellular matrix and ground regulation" , and I doubt many of you have, will know that chemical toxicity is a scientific fact. Unfortunately our western science is only interested in the cell and cares nothing for the environment that contains it or the fluids and chemicals that are in that environment.

The extra cellular matrix is all of the spaces and places around the cell. It is made up of cartilaginous materials that keeps our organs in place and our muscles sheathed. It makes up the system of internal electrical conductance and acts as the system of energetic passageways known in the eastern medicinal construct as the meridians.

It is all of the cartilage, tendons, joint capsules and more or less anything that is made of collagen.

Here is why it is important and why western medicine is now beginning to take notice.

When you eat a food it gets digested, goes though the stomach wall and passes into the blood as various broken down compounds.

Lets not forget that blood vessels don't end in cells? in fact Blood is highly toxic to the body and has to stay in the arteries.

So how do the nutrients make it to the cell? They pass through the artery walls and go into the fluid that circulates around the body.

This clear /yellow liquid is contained inside all of the spaces and places that are separated by the cartilaginous membranes that make up the extra cellular matrix. The ECM keeps muscle groups from sticking together, lungs from ending up in your stomach and joints from flopping about.

It also contains all of your food nutrients and the remaining bits of the immune system that don't reside in the stomach or circulate in the blood.

So far so good.

This fluid is called the extra cellular milieu and as well as taking the nutrients from the blood the ECM acts as a container for all the cells. The misunderstanding we make is that blood vessels terminate in cells and cells all stick together tightly on all sides to form solid tissue. That is wrong. All cells are separate and are bound together by tiny fibres. Essentially they float freely to some degree and have space between them, they are bathed in the extra cellular milieu. They have to be. If anyone's seen a diagram of a cell receptor picking up a chemical message and acting on that message with a response then this will be clear.

So the ECM holds the fluid

The cells are bathed in it and it contains the nutrients from your food.

!!!Here's the problem.!!!!

Cells make chemicals too. We call them (ROS) reactive oxygen species or free radicals. These are wastes and damage the body and tissues. They are natural and cannot be helped, other then to take a shed load of anti oxidants, which I suggest you do.

Chaga mushroom tea with its high concentrations of (SOD) super oxide dismutase is amazing, and not called super for nothing. It is the most powerful anti oxidant on the planet.

So the base line if we lived in a pristine environment is somewhat toxic because we make toxins (Endogenous Toxins) internally as part of the process of energy creation and burning of sugars and the like.

Our bodies are naturally designed to eliminate these toxic by-product and they do it well. However, the body is not a miracle worker and cannot remove the wastes and toxins we create and ingest (Exogenous Toxins) in huge numbers.

This is the main reason we get sick.

The extra cellular milieu gets toxic and the body starts to shunt toxins into tissues. It has no choice to do this because it's first duty is to suport and protect the vital internal organs...Which are bathed in this toxic mix.

Here's where tissues start showing symptoms, they are not performing well because there usual cellular function is being impaired. cartilage breaks down, genes get damaged and on and on. We call this toxic bio accumulation. An example of this is the fat around the belly. Toxins are shunted here and covered in fat cells to shield the body from the negative effects. This is why losing weight quickly can be bad for some people. It can lead to a massive release of toxins.

Question is if we are making damaging chemicals via the wastes from our cells, how do we get rid of them?





Pumping the glandular system with movement ( it doesn't have a heart like pump)

Skin brushing

Taking anti oxidants

Clearing the elimination channels (anus included)

Don't put toxins in

Watching what water we bathe in

Not spraying chemicals and deodorants on our skin

Eating clean food

Not using cleaning products in the home

Keeping away from paint fumes and the like, breathing clean air.

Chlorella and spirulina in smoothies or enemas will chelate heavy metals.

Enemas are not dangerous if you take them occasionally. You may take them intensively for a short period but you will get no benefit from persistent use and will cause dysbiosis or other bacterial issues if you just keep performing the enema all the time.

I have used enemas extensively to cure my rheumatoid arthritis naturally and have never taken any drugs. They work because the bowel and liver are connected by a huge vein that dumps toxins from the liver processes into the bowel. Enemas clear this waste and feed the liver. If you take an enema you will know this because it feels amazing after, you feel so light and free!

As this is a thyroid discussion we should also touch on the subject of removing bad estrogens from the liver by taking beetroot juice or betaine supplements. Avoiding estrogenic foods and the like is valuable too. You have to rebuild your hormones and lugols iodine will help you with that. A couple of drops around the collar bone will do no harm ever! Exercise is vital!

Another great detox solution is taking zeolites. The zeolite powder comes from volcanic lava that was doused in the ocean and cooled quickly forming a unique rock structure. Once ground you can add it to water and drink it. The chemical structure is somewhat like a geodesic dome , think buckminster fuller, the ball like structure is hollow inside and traps toxins and radioactive particles in the centre.

Zeolites make the concrete you see them pumping into chernobyl, they trap radioctive particles like nothing else.


I think it's really clear that every single thing we do with our bodies needs care. We could go into all the different therapies and so on but we have to understand the fundamentals instead of saying this or that won't work. If you research the above it becomes obvious that all treatments are valuable and all methods of detox or chemical avoidance are essential.

One last point is that the body also produces dangerous damaging chemicals like adrenalin and cortisol when we are stressed. These are killers and must be avoided. If we take some time to research the fight or flight response we find that being under stress is a disaster for the body. The body constantly squirts these damaging chemicals into the body, uses valuable resources and poisons us internally.

Stress puts us in fight mode and shunts the blood to our muscles so we can fight of threats. This removes the blood from the organs and makes us unable to heal. We cannot fully heal in fight mode.

We have to get real quiet and meditate or relax, listen to beautiful music or whatever, just get quiet. Once you do you go into repair and start to get well. You cannot get well otherwise, no matter what you take or what you put in your butt.

Happy trails and love,

Wade Tate

Another great example of the power for enemas and eating well is Jay Kordich.

Cured his cancer by juicing and taking enemas in 1948 and still going strong at 92!


Sorry this is so long. :/

Just do your best with it and feel free to ask me any questions or PM me. As always do your research and be happy!

Have a great pain free day,

Wade Tate


Hiya popsmith. Don't like the sound of your last few lines but it sounds as though your Rheumy was somewhat dismissive of OA & you just have to put up with it. Well, I guess both yours & mine don't have OA themselves..... yet! I was diagnosed with OA at the same time as my RD was diagnosed, in 2008, I'd just turned 48 so I've sort of understood the two pains & how they differ. That was until it decided to have a proper go & I genuinely thought it was RD & I needed an increase of MTX or maybe another DMARD adding. When she explained that it was OA swelling & pain, well I wept, thinking well that's it, no fix for this so I'll continue with this horrible pain & inflammation & just have to get on with it as best as.

Anyway, long story short she asked my GP to take the reigns & she's been great. She's worked with me & I've had monthly reviews until my pain relief was correct. Ok, it is meant stronger pain relief than I've needed before & another 4 items added to my rescript but the difference is remarkable. She's also given me strengthening exercises that I can do at home & also when I can be bothered (not generally in winter!) some exercises for in the pool, aerobic type.

All this has taken a good while but I've been fortunate. Only one med didn't work, did absolutely nothing but the others once I've reached the correct dose really have made such a difference. No more horrendous nights in pain, we even bought a new mattress even though the one we had was only a year old I found it so uncomfortable, could have saved some money there it was my OA making it uncomfortable! I now sleep through the night rather than the odd hour or two which exacerbated everything because I was so weary. Unfortunately I do have damage, but only some on show (my DIP joints) but I can live with that, they only really hurt it I bang them. So, see what your GP can do for you, hopefully you'll find yours as helpful as mine & have you sorted reasonably quickly. I hope so.

I also hope you're better on the reduction in MTX. I'm also waiting to reduce mine down to 17.5mg from 20mg but to date the confirmation hasn't been received by either my GP or myself, wish it'd hurry up but guess it's somewhere in the Christmas post.


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