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Dec scan results advice needed

Had results today main results OK problem is they have found a wedge fracture in lower spine told me number but forgot . Letter only came on system this morning so GP reading for first time we were both surprised going for x-Ray tomorrow ,Dr Google not helping . Can anybody point me in right direction for info or have first hand experience

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I don't have wedge fractures, so no direct experience to offer. But I do have three lumbar vertebrae that are nearly completely knackered, so feel for you. The approach that has been taken with me is to manage the pain and try to prevent further deterioration, rather than even think about invasive surgery. And that's been pretty successful, as it's now all manageable whereas a while back I was wincing at every step. Generally I think that's the approach taken these days - so I hope you get more detail soon & a treatment plan. I think there are also much more effective treatments for early stage osteoporosis if that's what has started this off?


Thank you , the big thing at the moment is fear I went to GP for routine blood results . Dex scan routine I have one every 3 years Osteoporosis on both sides of family +been on steroids for 15 months. Got to wait 2 weeks for results so in reality 4th January hubby is frightened to let me do things pain not bad co codamal 500mg taking care of that .


Well I've abandoned my dreams of being an Olympic horse rider or weightlifter (joke), but i think it's equally bad to lie down and do nothing as then you lose all the protective muscle around the spine. So gentle stuff suits me well. I now do Pilates to keep spine strong, and at least and hour's walk a day.

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