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4days after knee replacement.

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Hi everyone, well i had my knee op last Wednesday, i was at the hospital for 7.15am and was lying on the op table at 8.30am so i didnt have long to wait thank goodness, all went well, i had a spinal anesthetic which i would reccomend, yes i could hear what was going on and when the surgeon was drilling or hammering but i felt like it was happening to someone else, and i had a nurse by my side all the time giving me a running commentry. By 11am i was back on the ward drinking tea and eating toast which was much appreciated, the rest of the day was blood pressure, temperature, and pain killers every couple of hours. Not a very good nights sleep as you can immagine, with other patients ringing bells and lights flashing, and being woken every hour by the nurses ! Thursday was busy with the physio, started with a walking frame then went on to crutches, once i could walk and do a step the physio said i was doing ok so that when the surgeon came to do his rounds he said i could go home, i had to ask him twice to repeat it as i had only had major surgery the day before !! After another night of sleeplessness i just wanted my own bed, so Friday morning my husband came to take me home.

Now 4 days after the op i am still very painful but doing the exercises and still get very tired which i'm not sure is from the op or from RA,

I must say that i was well looked after in hospital all the nurses were wonderful i can not praise them enough.

I hope this will help anyone who is having this done shortly.

Wendy xx

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Wish you well for a speedy recovery! Lots of TLC.

Just watched Strictly, and Len Goodman seems to be doing pretty well on his new knee! Hope you have equal success.

Your experience sounds a bit like mine. Keep wriggling your toes and doing the exercises and I'm sure you'll do well. It's good you didn't have to stay in long. 3 weeks on I'm not so fatigued but I'm sure what you're feeling is largely the op.

Are you getting any physio? The one I see has been getting me to straighten my leg as well as bending the knee.

Glad you're on the road to recovery now. Do you need the second knee doing?

Hugs Cathie

Wendy, where did you have your knee done?

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nellysgran in reply to cathie

Glad you are recovering, i had mine done at the Maelor Hospital in Wrexham, i still find it very painful and the district nurse came thismorning and wants my to go on antibiotics as she thinks there might be a slight infection because the knee is very hot.

Wendy xx

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cathie in reply to nellysgran

Oh I'm sorry. I hope the antibiotics do their work. A friend (who loves giving me advice but in this case it was good) told me that when she had her hip done she was told to keep on top of the pain, if necessary take painkillers if there's a twinge. I'm down to I codeine a day (at night) and paracetamol at mealtimes, though not always needed.

I'm glad you have a helpful nurse.

Cathie XX

Well done you brave thing!!! Now it's recovery and getting over the worst of it but soon you will reap the benefits. Get well soon X

The same op. is on the cards for me, and I've been really scared. It's great to hear how well you've coped. I'm really surprised that you were on your feet the day after surgery.

I hope that you will soon be able to resume normal activities.

Wishing you all the very best. Love, Zannie XX

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nellysgran in reply to zannie

Hi Zannie, sorry you are scared but honestly you dont need to be, i was the same but now i wonder why, just do everything that the nurses and doctors tell you and you will be fine, i cant believe its only a week since i had my op and so long as you keeptaking the pain killers you will be fine.

Good luck i'm sure you will be ok, i will be thinking of you. xx

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zannie in reply to nellysgran

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I feel less panicky now that you have reassured me that the discomfort is worth the final successful result. I hope you are soon able to resume your normal lifestyle with happiness and lots of fun.

Bless you. XX

I have just been told today going in for knee replacement on 28 th jan . I have RD an after 20 years of taking meds , with various side effects ,running out of options ...steroid injection have been my life line but they refuse to give me any more ...I have a bad flare at the moment an worry about how I'm going to cope with recovery as I am sore ,sometimes severe pain all over , especially at night . I am 60 years old an had a hip replacement 15 years ago while was a great success but my R D wasn't as bad then ...good to know you doing ok .any reply welcome .....

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nellysgran in reply to AbbieJ55

Hi Abbie, with having to stop some of my meds before the op i was in real agony with RD, but i think with all the painkillers that they give you my pain hasnt been bad since the op, still stiff in the mornings but i know that will get better once i am back on my regular meds.

Hope everything goes well for you.

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farm123 in reply to AbbieJ55

I had my knee replaced in March (I was 48) after suffering since I was 19. I had the same concerns with recovery as my shoulders, elbows and hands are affected but it is surprising how 'strong' the joint is after being replaced. I went as far as getting gutter crutches as well as I could not see how my shoulders and hands would cope but I did not use them.

Although I had to be non weight bearing for 6 weeks after (not normal) and I had to stay off meds for longer luckily somehow my body coped. While recovering I found I did little and often as the joint seemed to want movement which was a different pattern to normal and you were not pushing yourself so much. Farm


I'm having a tkr tomorrow 19/1/17 I'm sure, the pain ive had especially the last month or two will be far worse than the surgery, it can only get better surely

How are you doing now ? I hope your up for answering this question because that is really why I am here?

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