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I'm sure it was around this time last year that they were having problems. Guess what? "We cannot locate the driver" and "delivery sometime in the late afternoon", although delivery was meant to be between 8 am and 1 pm. I may be exceptionally grumpy because I had to be up early and I didn't get to sleep until 2 am :( but I'm not very happy with them. They were late last time but I excused it as a one-off. It took ages to get through on the phone too. I'm not saying they are anywhere near as bad as they were but it is annoying and I wondered if anyone else has been experiencing these issues. I know it's fairly minor in the grand scheme of things but they are a private company being paid by public money...!

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  • I also had dreadful problems with having my injections delivered at home - spent days hanging around for them to be delivered and when I would phone them got a different story every time - I now get my 'stuff' from the hospital. I phone my nurse about 3 weeks before I need a new supply and let her know when I will call to collect them - I often phone again the week before I go just to remind her and its usually ok. I do however pass the hospital when I go shopping or to work so its no big deal for me to collect them = perhaps that might be a solution for you good luck xxx

  • I'm sorry you've had problems too.

    I've spoken to HAH again who suggested they deliver directly to my pharmacy. I think I might do this but I've had a problem before because they tried to deliver after the pharmacy was closed! Unfortunately, my hospital is not local to where I work, so it wouldn't be very easy to pop in. I have enough trouble when I collect my methotrexate.

    I know it's only minor but the minor things often add up.

  • Its not minor I use to get outraged spending my days off hanging around for them to deliver - I tried the pharmacy thing but they refused to deliver there but that was when I was on Humeria - this RA thing becomes a full time job if you cant persuade drs nurses drug companys etc etc to meet you half way so you can maintain a life that doesn't entail you trying to fit in with them all the time ( that was a little rant!!) why do you have trouble collecting your methotrexate ??? xx

  • I have issues collecting my MTX because I have it in injection form, so only hosp pharmacy will issue it. Hospital is not local to my place of work and parking there is a nightmare. It's just another stress. :(

  • My dr via the hospital prescribes my mtx in injection form so I just keep putting in repeat script to drs surgery and collect my injections from the chemist in my village I don't understand why I can do it and you cant !!!!!!!!!! its all madness but I will ask the nurse next time I see her why parking is also a nightmare at my hospital If the truth was know everything about RA is a nightmare. Im decorating my xmas tree today so that will cheer me up take care xx

  • Strangely HAH have been spot on time the last 3 deliveries and we were beginning to think that they'd really changed their ways. Mine are delivered to my brother in law, who is retired and is ok about sitting at home & waiting. In fact I think he might. rather like an excuse to have an afternoon in front of the tele as my sister is a real terrier for always being up & doing.

  • I hope I'm not tempting fate but I had my fourth Simponi injection delivered by HaH today (woops yesterday as its just turned midnight) and haven't had any issues other than the first delivery being 15 minutes before the two hour slot at 7.45am (instead of 8-10am) but I had a suspician that might happen as I'm not far off a motorway junction and its happened before with other early deliveries. Mine I gather are delivered by their own drivers, I wonder if that isn't the case everywhere and that may be the issue?

  • I'm not that far off a motorway either, interestingly. Anyway, I'm glad things are working well for you. Long may it last. :)

  • I'm also only about 50 miles from Burton on Trent where HaH are based and I know from what the customer service team have said that my deliveries are definitely done in house. I wonder whether anyone experiencing delays have deliveries made by other 3rd party companies? It seems strange crashdoll that you were given a 5 hour delivery slot yet mine have so far only ever been a 2 hour slot. :-(

  • I had so many problems with them that I got rid of them in the end it was very stressful.

    I have Alcura now and I'm very happy with them.

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