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daughter update.

I'm feeling a lot better tonight. I have been to see my daughter and she is nearly back to normal. They found a bug growing in one of the dishes. That was the cause of her trouble. So it was another antibiotic, as well as the blood, of which she had two out of the three bags. I think she might be getting the third on tomorrow as there was a mix up. She is still high risk for infection so she is in a side room. While i was there one of the hc. came and said they were talking about moving her into a bay with others and they had to point it out that she is high risk.

So thanks for all your support i dare say i will call on you all again.

Sending you all hugs XXXX


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I'm sure it's set your mind at rest somewhat having seen her. Hope things now progress satisfactorily with no more blips. x


Good news....you'll feel so much better now that you've seen her!! Hope things continue to improve. Keep us posted, you're both in my thoughts. M x


What a relief for you all, glad things are looking up. 😊


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