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Coming off steroids

Hi all I have just been to see the rumey nurse today and I can continue to taper of steroids and am now just going to start on 2mg tomorrow and then next month 1mg. am so pleased, I did have an steroid injection 4 weeks ago and found it has worked brilliantly. They did stress that if I am finding coming off the steroids that I start to flare to ring the nurses, she said do not wait until your next appointment but ring us. she must have read my mind because normally I would just wait until my appointment instead of ringing them. I am feeling good with not much swelling that I could find. They gave me wrist splints today and they said to use them at work when lifting equipment, will see how that goes as work as am s Breakfast chef and do a lot of washing up.

She did say once I am off the steroids and if there is still some swelling that I will be going on some injections to run along side my other medication. I said hope I do not need it.

I have been on MTX a year now and I find it does the trick, but was wondering if anyone else has had hair loss as am finding still a lot of hair dropping out and around the back of my head there are some patches of very thing hair which I only noticed last week. I am on sulfasalazine, hydoxychloroqine amongst other medication.

So at this moment am feeling pretty good and tomorrow my partner and I are going to Scarborough for the weekend.

Here is hoping you are all doing good today.

Thanks for listening.


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My mum us on mtx for 15 - 20 years she has seem her hair thin, but she's also 76, so it could be age as well. She finds the mtx works well as long as she takes the folic acid on every day that she's not taking the mtx apparently this reduces side effects dramatically.

Hope you are well and find a nice balance.


Very good luck Carol with coming off the steroids, so much better to be off those things.

Sounds good that you are tolerating the triple therapy of Mx, Sulfa and Hydroxychloroquine.

Have a lovely pain free weekend in Scarborough.

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