flare over

hi everyone

just at the end of a painful flare relieved its easing

where oh where do they come from

hope to get out and about tomorrow feeling claustrophobic

upwards and onwards

I feel the pain you cannot see

I understand because your not me

im looking great so healthy too

but underneath that's not true

this is a day that's not so good

but that's ok ill up my mood

tomorrow is another day

I just hope the pain will stay away

and each and every day I wake

the good the bad ill gladly take

so upwards and onwards RA you will see

we live fighting each other but you wont defeat me

7 Replies

  • You have summed it up perfectly.xxxx

  • Spot on well done.


  • So true people will say you are looking well glad to see you are feeling a lot better but i never said that i was feeling better

  • So true!

  • Spot on,,,,I feel "I'm fine" bubbling up whatever I feel! M x

  • That is awesome

  • you've got a talent on how to express your feelings...and mine too

    Take care


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