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Folic Acid

Seen Consultant today. As I am still feeling so tired he has advised taking folic acid every day except methotrexate day, so will see how that goes. If it helps he said I can reduce back down to find what I am happy with. LFT is lowering so pleased with that, I can stay on methotrexate which is definitely helping me. See him again in 6 months or Rheumy Nurse is available if I need advice. Hope you are all keeping well and avoiding all the coughs and colds.

Sue. X

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I went down to 1 a week but started getting mouth ulcers so now take 4 a week and that seems to suit me. My rheumy nurse thinks it is a bit unusual but is happy to do what works for me.


Thanks for your reply. I will start taking them each day and then reduce to see what helps most. Hope you're doing ok.


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