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On Sunday I was in bed for most of the day because I was cold and had a stomach ache. I had Monday off school because my ribs were hurting, I went back in on Tuesday and all throughout the day my ribs were hurting to the point where I wanted to cry. On Wednesday I had diarrhea in the morning so I have Wednesday and today off, I think I'm going back to school tomorrow but my ribs really hurt. On Tuesday night I stretched my arms up and it felt like something was pulling and it instantly brought tears to my eyes. My mum said she'd book a doctors appointment but hasn't yet, what can I do? Has anyone had experiences like this before? I'll sleep and wake up at like 3 in the morning because of the pain. Can anyone help me please

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Could you remind your mum to book you an appointment? It sounds as if you might have some inflammation between your ribs, but best to get a GP to check. If you're over 12 you could also ask your mum whether she has any over the counter anti-inflammatories you could try, like ibuprofen. But make sure you ask her first as we don't know your medical history so that might not be right for you. If it is something like that it should go away fairly quickly, so hopefully it will soon feel better.


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