Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well to day. I have been to see the Biologics nurse today and I do qualify for them.

My DAS score today was 8.1 !!! That is how swollen I am.

I have chosen Humira. I now have too wait for a call from the drug company as to when they will be delivered.

I am very pleased that it is now all going ahead.

I will be running the next London marathon next year?? LOL .

Jane xx


4 Replies

  • Great stuff. I hope this works really well for you.

  • Thanks Cathie,

    I can't wait to start them.

    Hope you are well.

    Jane xx

  • Thanks I'm not doing too badly on rituximab but things would be so much better if my knees were 'done' (replaced). Not long to wait as long as grandson doesnt give me his cold. I'm going into purdah I think.

  • So pleased that you can go ahead. I am on humira, it took a long time to really kick in, but it has helped me. Hope it's the one for you! M x

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