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Taking Penicillin with Sulfasalazine ?

I have a chest infection and was prescribed a 5 day course of 500 mg Penicillin. I'm still coughing and just wondering if I should have stopped my Sulfasalazine? Does it stop the effects of the antibiotic? I was surprised I was only given a 5 day course too. What do other people do in this situation? I think I've read that you should stop Methotrexate while on antibiotics, so is it the same for Sulfasalazine ?

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Common antibiotics are not listed as an issue on my patient information leaflet for sulpha, and I've never been told to stop them. But presumably whoever prescribed you the antibiotics knew you were on sulpha anyway. If you're concerned ask your pharmacist, or give your GP's surgery a ring in the morning.

With MTX, there are a only few very specific antibiotics that you shouldn't take when on it. But you are perhaps thinking that people are often advised to stop MTX if they have an infection or wound to allow the body to heal as quickly as possible (whether or not they are taking antibiotics).

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In theory sulphonamides like in sulphasalazine will interfere with the action of penicillins, but whilst in theory, theory is the same as practice, but in practice etc. etc. So definitely check with your doctor. He/she should know this They may have good reason for the prescribing of the combination. Details: sulphonamides are bacteriostatic and stop bacteria from multiplying. Penincillins are bacteriocidal that is they kill bacteria, when they are multiplying, hence the interaction of effects. I am a vet so know this from my training and career, not just a google-search.



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