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Yucky cold

Morning everyone,

I am in a right pickle at the moment. I have still got my yucky cold that seems to be hanging around forever. This morning I have woken up in agony with my legs. Mostly the joints at the back of them. I am also extremely dizzy when I stand up .

Do any of you find that when you get a cold ,it takes longer to go with RA ? Also I am hoping I don't flare ,as I have a busy couple of days starting tomorrow.

One day I will wake up,and jump out of bed, like a spring lamb in no pain!! We can only dream.

Have a good day everyone.

Jane xx

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Good morning,

keep smiling, as hard as that is. Don't panic about the next couple of days, get through the next couple of hours.

Don't do anything that you can get way with not doing even if your head wants to do it or thinks you can do it.

Dreams are great, I had the same one this morning, now I picture spring chickens moving slowly needing wd40, that way I can be like a spring chicken.

Reality sucks, I think as winter as shown its face, auterm is nearly over we all slow down into what I call hibination mode. It feels as if my body slows down to match the seasons. Well if Mother Nature does that for the animals and plants that's good enough for me, let's follow her lead.

My dad used to say, wash your face, put some lipstick on, pull your shoulders back , take a deep breath and do your best. Wow that gets me through some down spots.

So, jane, you are not on your own, my 18 year old daughter has just helped me get dressed, ( my husband did not have time this morning before he left). I am just back on top of the bed resting until Last minute when I need to get up. Not that telling you that will make you feel any better.

Yes I find a common cold knocks me of my feet and currently an ear infection has been raging since 20th August, three lots of antibiotics and still no sign of going and I am sure that is contributing to my current flare. Again that knowledge is no comfort to you , for you to write this early you must feel rubbish.

This illness does not mean we do not still have something to offer, So have the best day you can have. :) thoughts with you


Thank you , that was very sweet of you to reply.

I am normally a very positive person. Not just with this disease but with life in general.

I hope you feel better soon.

Jane xx


Hello! I hope you're feeling better soon. I think that RA does get worse when you have a cold, or that the aches you might get from a cold anyway feel heightened because of the existing condition. I've noticed a difference in dizziness with colds and RA but have never been totally sure if its the meds, the cold or what really! Good advice to take things bit by bit :) look after yourself, you know where we are x


Thank you very much for replying.

I was certainly very very dizzy this morning . I feel so much worse because I am not on any meds. for the RA , because next Monday I go to see the nurse about starting Biologics. I have been taking Naproxen and CO Codamol for pain . I can't take Prednisone as it makes me ill. I basically have just been quietly suffering for weeks now ,just waiting for this appointment.

I am very swollen and feel just so rubbish, but I keep telling myself that it won't be long now.

Monday will soon be here.

Hope you're well.

Bye for now.

Jane xx😀

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