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elbow orthotics (supports) for swimming?

Hello all. Does anyone have any information about suppliers/shops for waterproof elbow supports that I can use when swimming, please? I am hoping to find something like tubes made from wetsuit-like material that I can roll up my arms to support my elbow joints when swimming, which is the only exercise I really enjoy and can do. I tried using my "tubigrip" bandages but they just went all soggy and expanded beyond the point of use! My lungs and legs could swim for so much longer, but my elbows give out too soon. Many thanks.

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If you google 'neoprene elbow supports', you will find LOADS! Neoprene is what they make (most) wetsuits from, and it's also a common material for support bandages. :)

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Thanks so much. Now I'm spoiled for choice!


Hi s7j7e7

Here's a link to some neoprene elbow supports and it looks like one is used for swimming:


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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Thank you very much. This site is wonderful: always helpful and friendly and supportive.


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