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Back gone into spasm

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My daughter who has RA got up yesterday feeling good drove to work legs started to tingle only. 10 mins drive just made it to office pain became unbearable by 2pm managed to get to my house phoned GP spoke to one of best in group he worked out what was wrong did script for diazepam and very strong co-codamol 24 hours later no change how long should this last or how long be for she needs to call GP again .With my GCA and her RA plus the other extra problems these conditions bring the learning curve is long

4 Replies

I had something like this a few years before my RA started - and I saw a chiropractor. Within a few weeks it eased but I was never sure if this was the chiropractor's doing or mine because I started moving around doing very gentle movements a bit like tai chi. It was a trapped nerve - not sure what triggered it but it came on very suddenly just as you describe your daughter's.

I would phone GP again and say that there's been no improvement. It's just a phone call and they can advise. I hope she feels better soon.


I'd suggest go to your GP for a neurological check, especially if it persists, or you get muscle weakness, bladder problems, or it gets worse, could be harmless, but could be coming from neck or back, best to get it checked out.

Don't want to alarm you, but I ended up having neurosurgery on my neck after quite mild, intermittent, numbness & tingling down my arms, which I dismissed at first until lots of other symptoms started. I'm also currently experiencing numbness in leg & foot caused by bulging disc, so don't ignore.


Hi, sounds very much like sciatica. I had it badly last year. Exercises from the phsyio helped alot as did taking a herbal anti inflammatory (actually I know it was these as pain reduced by 80% in 3 days and stayed away).

Turmeric (curcumin), black pepper and willow bark were some of contents. Hope she finds relief assp.

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It may of course be unrelated to the RA! I know what I did to bring mine on - digging in the rain to plant apple trees some years ago when I was having a break from most of my RA symptoms for a while! The osteopath worked on my back and reduced the symptoms and I went to the swimming pool and moved in the water every day, but I can remember how painful it was , but a different sort of pain from the RA.


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