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Stress flare?

I was diagnosed in July and have been on 15mg MTX and 5 mg a Folic Acid weekly. In the last couple of weeks I have really started to feel like my old self, pain free and more energetic, however, I have just broken up with my partner of 6 years. Although I know it was the right thing to do as I haven't been happy it has been very traumatic and now I seem to be starting the old aches, nausea and fatigue.

Do you think this is a reaction to the stress of now having to get used to a new life , and how long do you think it will last?

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Hi, stress can be a trigger for flares, you may need to increase your pred for a while to help. I would speak to your gp next week. Take care. Babs x

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It would be surprising if you weren't affected - but you will find that things go up and down anyway!

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Sorry about your break up. I would try not to expect to flare. I have plenty of emotional and health related stress and the flares haven't always corresponded as I had expected them to. Worrying about flares is not what you need when making other big adjustments. My son has just broken up with his girlfriend after five years and he's been in turmoil but he told me that his severe eczema hasn't come flaring back as he would have expected it to do.


Thanks for that . You are right. I suppose when you are feeling low and very emotional you expect physical consequences! The main thing is to try not to think about those and concentrate on sorting your life out and seeing the positives. Or at least hope there are some!


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