Autonomic neuropathy

It's taken a while but gastro and rheum have finally concluded that I have autonomic neuropathy. This explains my stomach disorder, abnormal heart rate, shortness of breath and a few other random symptoms that I've never even considered investigating.

I've been prescribed 4 new medications, which gastro hopes will help manage some of my symptoms. Rheum said that I clearly have inflammation but she's concerned about my repeated infections and remains cautious about overloading me with immunosuppressants. Both said that this type of neuropathy is not that common with RA but not unheard of either. I was curious if anyone else has this and how it's managed?

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  • Haven't any advice, just wanted to say that it must be a relief to have a name, and a possible new approach to your problems. I hope it leads to abbetter quality of life. Best wishes. M xx

  • Hi

    I am sorry but we have very little experience of this condition and have no information about it, however I hope that the information on this American website is of help.

    Best wishes


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