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Have spent three weeks ringing and waiting for BUPA to come back to me as to whether they will cover my replacement wrist op. They accepted the ref. no. from consultant but never said it would not cover op. BUPA asked Consultant for lots of info, which was provided and then refused cover. When asked why they said they do not cover but wasn't mentioned in their handbook as they didn't cover so many things it was impossible to print them all in the handbook! Why do we pay!

Having spoken to Consultant have found he has done lots of them covered by BUPA, but thankfully he is trying to get me moved over to choose and book as op is arranged for 24th Sept.

Why do they say yes to some and not to others. When asked their answer is "it is data protection".

I asked to speak to the Medical Director who had made decision and was told he didn't speak to members.

Very frustrating!


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When I got diagnosed with RA the medical company said they would off for the initial treatment but that sound be it as it is a chronic illness And they don't cover chronic illness

Depends on what cover you have I guess as there are loads of different evens. Wrong though 😞


I would write nicely to the medical director saying how disappointed you are to be turned down without any reason given and ask for an explanation. It may be as simple as that you are not covered for further treatment of a long term illness.

I know that is why I have never gone for private medical insurance as they do not appear to cover long term illness or any problems subsequent on an initial treatment.


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