Hi Folks! I'm fairly new to this forum and I'm still going through the diagnosis process. There's a lot of abbreviations used that I'm not familiar with. Is there a cheat sheet for these or maybe someone can clarify. The ones that come to mind are PIP, GF and DWP. Also, I'm seeing a Rheumatologist and I hear some of you talk about seeing their Rheumy consultant? Thanks for your help =)

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  • Personal Independence Payment is sorta the new disability living Allowance, department of Work and Pensions (dwp) not sure about the other! But yes I just ask on the post as there are some abbreviations I don't know. The topics are all covered on the nras website if you want to know a not more background. Glad you are here !

  • As Allanah has explained DWP & PIP, not sure about GF in relation to

    Rheumatology, could you give the context you've noticed it with? Rheumy is the abbreviation for Rheumatology Consultant or Specialist, also Rheumatologist, commonly used in hospitals, surgeries & by patients.

    As there are numerous abbreviations I think the easiest thing to do is to ask when there is something you can't work out, there isn't really a list as such but you'll soon get the gist I'm sure, or when you learn a new one form your own list?

    Hope you enjoy being here.

  • Just thought, you're not being investigated for Coeliac Disease are you? GF may be gluten free.

  • Or could PIP be Proximal Interphalangeal as in certain finger joints? GF could be Glomerular Filtration as in kidney function? Not sure about DWP

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