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Another stressful week

Another hospital appointment today but this one at the Breast Clinic.

I have previously had a cist which was aspirated last November and I am hoping this latest lump is the same. Anything sinister and I won't be able to start my Anti TNF treatment for my PsA.

Wednesday I am also dreading as I have my PIP assessment only 4 weeks after applying. Unfortunately an early appointment at 8.10 in the middle of Nottingham City Centre so up early.

As you all know, mornings are not great and it takes me a lot to get going.

I hope you are well on this dull and dreary morning x

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Take care Tina.

Hope it all goes well for you today.

Jane x


Hope all goes well today, and the PIP appointment is ok. Don't be afraid to tell it how it is, and don't forget to say how difficult such an early appointment is, when morning stiffness is at its worst! !Best wishes, M x


Back from the hospital. All ok. Aspirated 3 cists so very sore and uncomfortable but relieved. Thank you all for your best wishes , it means a lot.

Will let you know how weds goes.

Big hugs to you all x


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