Low grade temperatures

I still keep spiking temperatures (low grade) on and off. My bloods have indicated no infection but my inflammatory markers are high after many months of them being normal. My joints are swollen and sore and I'm tired, so I'm obviously flaring. I assume the temps are a rheumatoid thing? Has anyone else experienced this and is this a common symptom?

I suppose this could have always been an issue but I've never had a thermometer before! My GP suggested that I buy one after I had a nasty infection that I couldn't shake and I had a temperature.

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  • I'm finding that the medications e.g., MTX, Sulfasalazine & hydroxychloroquine at differing times caused me to have frequent heat surges along with other side effects. I am also transitioning into menopause so did experience hot flushes but the heat surges are more intense and last much longer (so not sure if related and the meds are just intensifying these)? When I am off my meds I do not experience these surges. Keep a record of when and how long your temperature spikes last for your Rheumy or Rheumy nurse appt. I don't know how helpful your GP would be as my seems out of his depth with RD and latched onto the menopause hot flushes.

  • Yip the hot flushes are frequent and at night sometimes I can have burning sensation in my legs as I have to kick the duvet off a lot

  • Thanks both of you. I'm 27, so unlikely to be having hot flushes...I hope! I actually don't feel that feverish but I have noticed that when I'm feeling weak and a bit 'weird', I tend to want to check my temp and it's usually a bit raised.

    I've seen my GP about 9 times in the last 6 weeks, so I'm loathe to go back over this because I'm sooooo embarrassed. It's unlike me as I usually avoid them.

    I'm due to see rheum on 9th Sept, so will ask her then. I was just curious. :)

  • Crashdoll, low grade temperatures are definitely a feature of RD - the textbooks say so!

  • Yes I've read this too - part of RA flare. Your rheumy apt is soon (same day as my first with new rheumy) so keep a record. At least yours won't be dismissed because of your age as mine always are!

  • Yes iam 30 and always get the temps and/or fever some days its so bad i find it worse when iam flaring or just before a flare.

  • Thanks, all. I never thought I might be having fevers. I don't get hot and sweaty, just a bit weird feeling which is why I've never even considered it.

  • Have been experiencing hot flushes at night for over a year now. GP sent me for lots of tests but not found anything and I suspect the meds which for me are Humiria and methotrexate. Just every time I wake up about 30 seconds later I overheat and can't cool down. Fine the rest of the time.

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