Reducing naproxen dose - help please!

In short, my stomach condition (not RA related) has progressed and is now affecting absorption. My gastroenterologist has asked me to reduce naproxen if I can. Rheum clinic have also repeatedly expressed concern about my GI condition and my naproxen dose.

I take 500mg in the AM and 500mg in PM. Which one can I stop taking without it causing too much of an issue? I know it may not be answerable but any thoughts and suggestions would be helpful please. I'm a bit nervous because my RA is not good at the moment but neither is my digestive system.

Thank you in advance.

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  • Can you start tapering by reducing a wee bit less at both ends of the day? It depends on what form they're in but I do find that gradual tapering is so much better. I was thinking that RA can be worse first thing in the morning, but the evening dose may give you a better nights sleep so to shave a bit off each end might be the way forward.

    I hope you get somewhere


  • Thank you, Cathie. Why didn't I think of that? This is why I asked! I could ask for 250mg tablets instead and then split my doses more slowly.

  • I hope it helps. I did this when coming off pred last year and got a cutter to reduce the size of pills. Not a great success but it did help a bit.

  • I happen to have a GP appt tomorrow, so will ask if he minds altering the prescription.

  • You may have picked up that I am very, very sceptical about alternative medicine. However ........ a friend who is equally sceptical send me this link about turmeric:

    It does look as some serious research has been conducted with interesting results. We're not talking a spoonful, but high concentrations - I'm not sure how they're packaged, capsules perhaps. I can find out. My friend is planning to reduce her NSAID dosage but take turmeric too.

  • Interesting. I was told about tumeric but I brushed it off. I shall have to do some researching.

  • I've read somewhere only today that if your pain/inflammation is worse in the morning take your pain relief/anti inflammory the night before & vice versa, if you pain/inflammation is worse at night take your pain relief/anti inflammatory in the morning. I can't remember the actual site I found this on but it obviously resonated with me to remember it as my brain is not retaining a whole lot just now! :P

    Don't know if this is helpful?

  • I am worst in the mornings but as I heard that inflammation is generally worse at night, I did wonder.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Have you considered using the NSAID gel rather than tablets? It doesn't seem to affect the digestive tract as very little gets into the bloodstream. I don't know if they make naproxen gel but you can definitely get ibuprofen or disclose ac gels.

  • I hadn't considered the gels. The gastro suggested moving all my meds to liquid form but maybe the gel would be worth a shot? At this point, it has to be worth it.

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