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Update - Breast Mouse

Hi all,

Just to keep you updated with my breast news. I did a mammogramme followed by an ultrasound and the results are:

Bilateral mastalgia

fibroadenoma - left breast

bilateral enlarged axillary nodes - reactive.

I haven't taken any further actions, I don't know to which doctor I should go - I don't want to see a surgeon. Surgeons in Egypt just want to open you up. I don't know what specialist should I see though?

Symptoms have decreased a lot by their own.

Less pain, less burning feeling, still feel uncomfortable in armpits.

Any suggestions?


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Hi halaahmed

I have put some links to information about the conditions you have mentioned below for you to look at. Hope these help you to make a decision:





Beverley (NRAS Helpline)




Good news that it's a breast mouse, not a cancer, so that gives you a bit of space to find out more without worrying too much. A starting point might be to see someone who specialises in the immune system or infectious diseases as you need to get to the bottom of why you have enlarged nodes? Maybe you also need a proper biopsy to rule out anything malignant, as well as full blood tests?


Do the mammo and the ultra sound have to be followed by a biopsy? ?

Can they misdiagnose cancer ??


No they don't have to be followed by a biopsy. You just sounded worried, and also worried about seeing a surgeon so merely suggesting that if it came to that there is a smaller procedure that you could think about. The best thing to do is to talk to a doctor about the mammograms results and your fears.

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You need all 3 to get dx of csncer (well i guess biopsy alone would do it!). Mums been through it x3. But the ultrascan profs know by the scans. And as the biopsy has been described as effectual as stabbing a tomato and pulling out a seed its known to be difficult to get a positive. My mum always sees surgeon here then the chemo/radio profs. Hope that makes sense. Xxxx


That's relieving news for you Hala. Would your GP not be the best placed person to decide where you're best being referred to? Not sure how the health system works in your part of the world so it's difficult to help I'm afraid but do keep us updated won't you?

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