Doctor just phoned with results of my chest x-rays. Pleased to say they are clear. He said to restart the Methotrexate this week. When I asked him what dose to take, i.e 15mg which I started on in April or 20mg which I increased to three weeks before the cough started he said to restart at 20mg and if the cough gets worse than it is now ( about 75% better now) to stop immediately. That surprised me really as I expected to restart at the lower dose. I have left a message for Rheumatology nurse, it was answerphone so don't think she will be in touch for two or three days. I have an appointment with her on 30th July anyway so long to wait. So I will restart Methotrexate and see what happens, hopefully all will be ok. Hope you all are feeling ok today. I am going to cut grass now. X

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  • Oops - should say 'not long to wait'.

  • Have just had the same but my nurse spoke about changing to injections, but got phone call to say start taking mtx & when I queried it the nurse I was talking to wasn't sure & said just to start back on tablets & will be in touch,that was two weeks ago, so going yo phone them tomorrow & hopefully hear back this week gentle hugs xx

  • That's great news Sue. I hope the 20mg doesn't cause any problems & agree it does seem odd he didn't suggest the 15mg especially as the cough hasn't completely gone but he must have his reasons. Really hope it's the right decision. x

  • All sounds good.😊

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