Return without a receipt?

I am seeking to return my RA. I am not happy with what I have received. The label did not clearly state exactly what having it entails, so I would like to return it. I have lost my receipt because it's been a crazy 6 years but I am happy to cut my losses. I don't want anything in return, just not to have my RA anymore.

Has anyone else found that their RA model is a constant disappointment?

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  • Hell yeah crash doll! Especially the last few weeks! It didn't say in the manual that this RA would severely interfere with normal life and cause interruptions in fun!

    Sorry to hear you are another dissatisfied customer.

    Kiki x

  • Post of the week I think Crashdoll! AND YES a return for me and a complaint to trading standards as it did not do as stated after 16 weeks of MTX as described by the salesman. x

  • You are so right.

  • Dear Crashdoll,

    Thank you for your letter regarding the new updated RA product. I'm awfully sorry you are not satisfied with the the product; many users have reported positives such as it keeping you warm, allowing you to stay up all night ( just for those party go-ers) and the ease of robotic dancing due to the stiffness of joints. Our product also helps users utilise the NHS to the maximum levels, which definitely makes paying taxes all the better. A study has also shown that these such hospitals tend to contain many exciting shops and restaurants, many boasting products of a reasonably high quality. A user may also benefit in beautiful accessories - wrist splints, walking sticks, beaded tea trays to use in bed and even wheelchairs - the list goes on!

    We are so deeply sorry you are unhappy with the product and we would like to offer a full refund to you. Please ship yourself to

    No. DAS

    Achy joint Road



    Again, our deepest sympathy,

    RA Indistries

  • Brilliant letter spot on

  • Love this thread. Made me smile at 3am...

  • I too wish to return my RA as I am completely un happy with the product ,I wish I could complain to "management" I would advise that I would never shop with them again.

  • I tried to return it to my GP who politely declined! How rude!

  • Brilliant post, pity I didn't switch on yesterday could have done with it as I was very tearful, still feeling like a washed out rag today. I so so hate this disease at times, others I can cope, today fight still not returned.

  • What a great post the sort of thing we all need putting on here to make us all smile for a little while! I wonder if the postage will be refunded as well? I will be returning mine as well.

  • I would like to CANCEL MY RA CONTRACT too, don't remember it saying anything about constant debilitating pain, loss of function in all the bendy parts and having an endless list of replacement ops on my shopping list......Next time I must read the small print!!

  • I am yet another dissatisfied customer. It looks as if this could the biggest misselling scandal to hit the headlines, overshowing PPI......or do I mean PIP???

    Perhaps we should start a petition........?

  • Whatever you do, don't trade it in for PsA. There's no instruction manual, receipt or guarantee of satisfaction with that either. I hear that it's best to buy the sense of humour app. with both of them though .... and at least that still seems to be working very well for you!

  • If only it was that easy, we'd form the biggest queue ever. Anybody know the phone no. for Guinness World Records?

    Excellent post Crashdoll, I would say probably the best so far this year & A, inspired letter, made me smile on a not so smiley day. Thank you! x

  • This made me lol it was lovely to do that for a change I would also like to return mine it's pants!!!!! Xx

  • Brilliant letter and brilliant replies, it was lovely to read them all and made me smile for a while.... Yes I would like to return mine but hey ho we carry on. xxx

  • I would give anything to return my would be so much better.

    But hey...lets look at the positives need for this forum.....and no chance to read threads like this that make you smile😊

    But your's a truly s*** deal.

    Thanks for making me smile


  • CrashDoll

    U actually made me LOL. BUT PLEASE honey, when u do find where we can return our RA without a receipt, please let me know the address.

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