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Hi, please can someone help me. I was diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis in Dec 2010 and I also have Raynaurds. I am on plaquenil and Enbrel for the RA. Since the beginning of 2012 I have had a problem with my left hand, it started with my little finger and ring finger feel numb and getting pins and needles, this then developed into the fingers clawing and becoming increasingly painful, I was eventually sent me to the therapy team for splinting, which I wear about 50% of the time. The fingers on my left hand are all clawing to a certain degree and are extremely painful and my right hand is now showing similar changes. I have seen an orthopaedic consultant, who offered me ulnar nerve decompression as a long shot which unfortunately hasn't helped. I have also had 2 lidocaine infusions under the care of the pain team. In April, I got so desperate I contacted my rheumatology team and after the biologic nurse discussed my notes with the consultant they said that they really wanted to get to the bottom of things as they could understand my frustrations of being past round the various departments. They offered me a pamidronate infusion to help with the pain which didn't help and when I saw the consultant 4 weeks later (2 weeks ago), the only other suggestion she had was to put my hands in a bowl of warm water!! She ended the consultation by saying she would see me in a year and I would see the biologic nurse in December, so so much for wanting to sort things out for me. I work part-time as a nurse and am finding things increasingly difficult and frustrating as things take me so long and I drop instruments and things.

Does anyone have any bright ideas but please no bowls of water warm or cold! or does anyone know anyone in the Norwich/Norfolk area who likes to solve puzzles, I'm happy to pay as my hands are becoming so much a problem I'm not sure what else to do.

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Have you had nerve conduction studies? Do they know where the compression is happening? It obviously was not at the wrist if you have had a decompression (although I suppose it's still possible).

But you need a diagnosis first, then treatment.


Hi, thanks for replying, I had ulnar nerve decompression at my elbow, there wasn't a huge problem so it was a long shot having the surgery but it was worth trying. I would really love a diagnosis as I am just going round in circles at the moment and it's really frustrating. If treatment was then available that would obviously be even better, I'm just concerned that it is getting worse and my right hand is exhibiting similar symptoms.


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