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Miss georgina I'm 58.

Hi I'm georgina I get George for short I'm have arthritis what is wearing and tearing my bones also I have been diagnosed with gout I'm not from bristol I'm from cumbria it would be nice to have some friends of

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Hi Georgina. You will find plenty of 'friends' on this site, so welcome. I have been trying to figure out why we should think you were from Bristol, but can't ☺️ but Cumbria is nice, been there many times.


Hiya Georgina (or George if you prefer!), welcome. You'll find many people in similar positions so I do hope you enjoy being here. I live in the next county south to you & though we don't have as many lakes & beautiful scenery we do have the coast! We've recently made friends with a couple from Over Kellet so not too far from south Cumbria & intend visiting in the near future. Not been to your part of the country for some time even though it's on our doorstep so it will be lovely.

I hope you find the site a friendly place to come & if you have any questions or want to share anything just pop on, we're a wealth of experience between us.

I'm sure others will be along shortly to say hello. :)


Thank you don't know your name I live in bedminster bristol it's nice to talk to someone I'm very friendly and caring so hope you get back to me I live in a flat with one of my son's I have a daughter 2 who lives in Essex and another son do you have. Children where abouts are you you seem very nice take care



Ah I see, you come from Cumbria but live in Bedminster, is that right? No, no children but we have Godchildren & guardian to four though they're grown now, the youngest is 18 so not children any more! I live in Lancashire, on the coast, a long way from Bristol.

Thank you for your kind words & hope to see more of you from now on. :)


Oh right. I get it now. You live in Bristol now, but you were from Cumbria. Sorry, must be getting slow in my old age😉


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