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Why am I getting red hot burning pains in my right foot??? Just like someone throwing acid in my foot

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I was just about to post about the same thing. I have swollen ankles at moment spreading to top of feet. I can only wear sandals with the Velcro adjustable straps at moment. Everyone at work comments on the swelling. Would you believe it if I said that at my Rheumy appointment last week my ankles were damn near normal and made me look like I was exaggerating!!!!! It is keeping me awake at night and the pressure of mattress and sheet seem to intensify it.

This week, the top of the feet feels like they are on fire and a skin deep soreness/tightness. I developed cellulitis on my right foot 4 years ago due to an infected blister on my toe, and this now feels very similar to the cellulitis. I believe thanks to Dr Google that cellulitis can develop without a wound in people with RA and or immunosuppression. Cellulitis can have serious consequences as it is a bacteriol infection, so I'm going to make an appointment to see GP to get it checked out. Any other forum members have similar symptoms - was wondering about neuropathy involvement?


Please see your GP, it could be a trapped sciatic nerve, mine was and I ended up having to have spinal surgery, as I had two vertebrae collapse on my right side, I've now got screws and a cage where my disc was and they are fusing nicely, but the pain was immense, and stopped me from working for over 6 months... I still get some niggles but nothing like it was, with me they called it neuropathic pain, I felt like boiling water had been poured over my leg, I couldn't even put socks or shoes on...


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