PIP assessment

So I had my PIP assessment this afternoon. I saw a lovely OT who put me at ease and was very nice. She actually gave me some tips and tried to help me too. I have no idea how it went with regards to giving me PIP or now but I was relaxed, didn't feel it!, and was honest and to the point. I think that's all I can be. Watch this space...if I don't get awarded it, well, I've tried my best. Thankyou for all your support and Good Luck vibes. Gentle hugs to all on this sunny day 😀☀️

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I really hope you receive what you need. That's really good that you had an OT, she must understand how RD affects you if she was able to give you tips so hopefully that will help towards your decision.

Keep us updated & good luck for when the postman brings the brown envelope! x


Let's hope you get what we all deserve on here to be recognised for the pain and suffering we all go through and that what we get in return if we get it helps with everyday I got mine a few week ago now I'm sooo pleased I did but the wait was horrendous I was making myself worse but at least I can relax now I will keep my fingers crossed for you Hun xxx

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I sent off my application two days ago. Does it take long to hear back from them? Xx


I've sent mine and got my meeting in early July. Since I sent my form I've started the new biological treatment and am better than ever! However will still go to my appointment.


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