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I had piled on weight and have successfully managed to lose nearly 4 stone. I recently saw rheum nurse who asked if I felt any better for my weight loss. Sadly, there is no change and my RA continues to rage away. I asked her why and she suggested that when I was very overweight, I had a lot of fluid around my joints and now, it's gone, they are 'rubbing together' more.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? It sounded quite bizarre to me!

Don't get me wrong, I'm delighted with my progress and I know that, overall, it's much better for my health to be like this but it's just a shame that it hasn't affected my RA.

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  • Well done you. What an achievment while you are suffering this disease.

    Hope things get better for you soon.

    Take Care.

  • That sounds odd to me, too. I think it's more likely that you just have an auto-immune disorder that tends to progress. It is a shame your weight loss hasn't made more difference to your RA, but it's still an achievement worth celebrating. I'm sure your heart thanks you, too :)

  • I lost four stone after my RA started - and have shed another stone in the last six months too. I think you should congratulate yourself greatly for giving your body a chance to defend itself against RA better. I know you've had many serious problems with aggressive disease but nevertheless it might well have been even worse if you'd kept that weight on or gained.

    Re what the rheumy nurse is saying - it doesn't make much sense in medical terms but it does have a certain common sense to it don't you think? Whenever I am on steroids I seem to feel stripped bare as all the inflammation subsides - and the remaining joints and nerves feel raw and exposed. I think sometimes the simpler observations have some truth to them but I would say the cushioning/ padding comes at a higher price to our organs etc. Well done and good luck keeping it off. Tx

  • It does seem a bit bizarre. I suppose there may be some joints that can be cushioned by fat around them, but I thought that weight-bearing joints especially are rendered much safer by losing weight. The load on knees increases exponentially the more we weigh so I'd have thought that your RA will have a less damaging effect on such joints now that you're slimmer.

    I know that a healthy lifestyle helps fight the disease but it's not a simple equation. You've done an amazing job losing so much weight, I hope that over time that contributes to feeling a bit better overall at the very least.

  • Well done, I know how hard it is to lose weight. I lost 3 stones before my knee replacement, unfortunately have put much of it back on. I was really pleased, but like you, my RD didn't improve. However, this explanation seems a bit fanciful to me, as far as I know, it's the synovial fluid that cushions the joints, not fat, so I really can't understand the logic!

    Hop you manage to keep the weight off, and that you do eventually get some longterm relief! M xx

  • Hey crash doll

    I've lost a staggering 15st8lb and I can honestly say my joints are worse!

  • I would have thought it was not the case at all. There isn't fat inside the joints!

  • WHAT!! Sounds like an excuse to me. I lost quite a bit of weight a few years back and was told my joints were "adjusting" to the weight loss. It's now 'adjusting' to the weight gain through being on steroids for almost a year.

    Well done on the weight loss though. xx

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