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Quick update

Still off all my meds and so far so good had no flare ups. I find myself asking questions to myself.

Q. Was it really ra I had?

A. Think back girl can you not remember all the pain the locking of your hands not been able to move your fingers, not been able to get yourself dressed or lift your leg up to get into the bath.

Q. So is this remission?

A.lets all hope that yes it is possible.

Q.if it is how long will it last?

A.How long is a piece of sting.

Q.If by any chance I was wrongly diagnosed would I ever know?

A.Doubt it.

Thanks for taking the time to read xx

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My rheumy has said to me that there is a chance that my RA will "burn out", so that's what I'm hoping. And maybe that's what has happened to you? Otherwise people have reporting staying in remission without meds for a long time (years, not months). I've fingers crossed for you, but do let us know as so nice to have a positive example!


If it's remission, it's good news for us all! For you, it's win win, because at the moment you have no signs of the disease.

One thing that I have learned from this disease is to live for the day, the only rational approach when you don't know how you're going to be tomorrow! So I suggest that you do the same, and enjoy getting your life back, without worrying too much about what might be in the future or what was in the past.

Good luck, hope this is the start of a new life. M x


Take what you've got going and run with it :) Questions and answers aside, if it's working for you now, enjoy it. I'm so glad you're feeling better, and it gives me hope for myself, too.



I rcognise these questions all too well and agree with others - if you can possibly leave the piece of string in the long grass and get on with life then that would be ideal. I never managed to do this and in retrospect I think this was because I've not been well for a long while - although my RA hasn't yet returned in my joints, hands especially and it's been nearly a year - although I'm on steroids just now and did try a fourth DMARD recently for just over two weeks.

But the main thing is that my RA never came back as synovial swelling and, like you I kept reminding myself of the awful fracture like pain and swelling in my wrists and hands and knees, ankles, toes and shoulders. I think it's a post traumatic thing because mine came on so violently not that long after I had lost both parents suddenly. I know that people here are right to say take each day as it comes and enjoy this remission - hopefully burn out of RA for you. But I think it's easier said than done too so don't beat yourself up for the odd panic and moment of introspection either.


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