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Hi, have had ra for a year now, took a while to get diagnosed, am taking 25mg methotrexate weekly now since January and for the last month 400mg Hydroxychloquine daily, the only time I felt slightly less pain was when I took steroids with the methotrexate, but the rheumy consultant decided I needed to come off the steroids. any ideas for painkillers that I can take, (cannot take codeine as allergic)

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Have you been on any anti-inflammatories? - diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen etc. They are frequently prescribed in RD.

Tramadol is a synthetic opiate - acts in the same way but not related to codeine.

There are lots of options - your GP should be able to help.


I've been advised to take ibuprofen when I feel very painful. Iv been on hydroxy 400mg for about 4 months with a 5mg steroid daily and instead of chafing the medication to something stronger I have been advised to try anti inflammatories to control the pain.


I take Tramadol when required. It has become my new best friend! I dont get any side effects like i did on the codeine and have found it very effective.

I wish id tried it months ago instead of trying to work through the pain.

I hope you find something that helps soon x


My Rheumy gave me meloxicam, but said to only take it if I really need to.


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