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Hi I had infusion on Friday of lnfliximab. I feel no different my knee is still swollen and painful,hands still very stiff. How long before you start to feel anything? Thank you in advance.

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All of the drugs used in RA take time to work. You may need several treatments before you feel a difference. Have a look at the information on the NRAS site.

I'm sure someone with some personal information will be along soon!


I had it and was told in general two to twelve weeks. But I did feel better after the second infusion xx


I am also on that med. I have been on this med since October but have seen just minimal results. I have been going to the Mayo Clinic here in Scottsdale Arizona. Many of my doctors feel that I have a very aggresive ankylosing spondylitis and that the meds are just keeping it from getting worse. They are most likely going to add mtx as a booster. Everyone reaction times differ it took about 12 weeks for me to get some relief from the meds. I have also been on Enbrel and Humira with the same time frame of taking affect. So you got to be patient and not get discouraged. Good luck and hope it works for you. Let us know how your doing with the meds.


Thanks for all your comments have been on embrel,methatrxate,hamera over the years sorry about spelling. Will keep fingers crossed have another infusion next week will keep you posted 😊


Hi Tich, I have had RA for 43 years and have been on various drugs over this with some effect. However, I have been on Methotrexate and Infliximab for the last 9 years and in my experience it took several infusions to have any beneficial results. Stick with it if you can and persevere. I couldn't do without it now and rely on my next infusion for the relief it gives! However, if it proves that it is not working for you in time, there other Anti-TNFs available and I am sure your Rheumatologist will monitor you accordingly. I really hope you do feel the benefit of it eventually. Regards Brian


Thank you for your kind comments am glad you are finding relief x


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