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Uni. of Nottingham Research on Diet

Let's talk about food! Researchers at the University of Nottingham are interested in how people living with rheumatoid arthritis try to manage their health through the food they eat. A healthy, balanced diet is often difficult to achieve for most people, but what specific challenges to eating well do people living with RA face? What support and information do you use? Do you see the direct benefit of healthy eating on your symptoms? To answer these questions, they need to hear the opinions of the experts - YOU. This research project will investigate the perceptions of healthy diet across autoimmune conditions, and will specifically address fresh, plant-based foods which may help to reduce inflammation. The researchers hope the findings will empower people living with RA through speaking about their dietary experiences, which will help health professionals to be more informed about how, when and why people do/do not eat healthily. To get involved with this brand new project, you are invited to complete a short survey by clicking on this link

Please note, the survey will be open until the 22nd of June. Or alternatively, you can drop them a line on (Ms Isabelle Kelly, MSc Student) or (Dr Laura Condon, Research Supervisor).

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Thanks Clare. This is a subject very close to my heart and I have already submitted my completed form x

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How's your diet? Got my final rheumatology appointment Friday after kicking it from my diet! Fingers crossed x

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