Complacency about blood tests

After nearly 6 years of living with RA, I'm in a routine with blood tests and prescriptions. However, since starting my job last July, I've been busier and I've become quite complacent about my bloods. Rheum grudgingly agreed to 6 weekly instead of 4 weekly but time constraints has meant it's been closer to 8 weekly. Given that I've been on MTX for 5 years with not one iota of a problem, I assumed it would be fine. I've just got a phone call from rheum nurse, saying they are concerned about my bloods and requesting an urgent blood test before my next MTX dose. Sooooo, lesson has been learned!

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  • I do hope it's nothing to be overly concerned about when you have your re-test crashdoll. I've been on MTX 6 years now & save for the odd weird result (when I've had an infection as opposed to an MTX related problem) my levels have been bob on or thereabouts according to disease activity. From day one my Rheumy here in the UK has always requested I had monthly tests except when I needed an increase & then I was tested fortnightly for 6 weeks (raised LFT's if I go up 5mg). When it was shown all was ok I went back to monthy bloods & will continue as normal until I see my Rheumy nurse next month when hopefully she'll be able to notch it up another 2.5mg to 20mg, the dose my Rheumy is aiming for.

    My appointments are made with my nurse for the next month, she books it once I've had bloods done so it's easy really as I leave with the next months appointment. It is easy to become complacent when things are normally running smoothly so it's a bit of a wake up call when we're called back isn't it, hence your reason for posting?!

    Keep us updated, again I hope it's nothing of note & it's just a blip. x

  • Hope that it's just a blip......makes you realise how important the tests are though! M x

  • I'm on 6 - 8 weekly tests, and admit to being a bit complacent too - so a good reminder thanks. I did go to see one rheumy in France who said that he thought testing every 6 months was fine...needless to say I never went back to him as that was just a step too far! But 12 weeks would be nice.

  • I'm still on 2 weekly checks but the doc did say that they are easily thrown out of synch. So I hope it's just one of those things. Xx

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