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Knee replacement


I am now back home having had the op last Thursday. All went went except that I have atrial fibrillation and was so stressed anyway I think that made it worse. After the op I had to spend about 4 hours in HDU so I could be monitored. Came home yesterday, it is still painful of course but can just about walk about with a frame. My husband is very good and helps a lot. I have to put an ice pack on my knee every two hours which reduces swelling. I also have exercises I must do. Hopefully it will gradually improve. I have to keep on support stockings for 6 weeks

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The support stockings are horrible... especially in bed when it is warm - luckily I was able to take mine off end of last week. It does help to keep your legs moisturised - my OH did not like rubbing the cream in (and hands are very rough) so used vase... spray and go and put a towel underneath and just let it soak in for a while. I think it was about 3 weeks when I was able to do them myself as the family really hating having to help put them on and would disappear at stocking time. I had my knee replacement 6 weeks last Friday. Good luck. Farm

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Thank you for your reply Farm You are6 weeks ahead of me, have you now noticed an improvement in your mobility and pain.

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Its getting there slowly as I had a hairline fracture in the femur when they put the replacement in so have had to have 6 weeks only partially weight bearing. Seen consultant today and can now fully weight bear but it is going to take a little while to get the strength back in the leg. Farm

Had my new knee a year ago. It took hard work, keeping up the exercises, but worth it. I had nurses in every day to change my stockings, wouldn't have attempted it myself!

Good luck, hope your convalescence goes well. M x

Good luck and keep that heartbeat steady!

Thank you everyone who replied to my post on knee replacement. Sitting here now with the ice pack round my knee. Have to do this 3 times a day.

had my TKR 4 weeks ago today could manage ted stockings my self but exercises are so painful but can just try each day healing slowly ice is my new best friend love it helps with the pain need a lot of patience which i don't have a lot off

thankfully AF did not bother me so that was very good ODAT


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