Mouth - cuts, sores and infections

I don't know if this is bad luck or my immune system taking a kicking from RA meds. (I'm on injected MTX, humira and leflunomide.) It started with an infection in my tooth that spread to the root and gum. Prior to that, I had a few ulcers on my tongue that were sorer than my usual ulcers. They seem to have multiplied and now I have cuts on my gum, not just near the infected tooth but on the other side of my mouth too. I've been on the lovely antibiotic metronidazole (vomiting and diarrhea galore!) so I wonder if the sores and cuts are a result of that? I took my last antibiotic this morning but I'm not a great deal better, so I expect the infection is still lingering. I can't be seen by the dentist again until Thursday. :(

What can I do? Please help, I am so miserable.

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  • Surely there is an emergency dentist who can see you before Thursday? In my area - which is remote - you can go to the local community general hospital and see the emergency dentist if toothache is bad in the way you describe

    I am not on any immunesuppressants again yet (supposed to be starting Azathioprine on Thursday all being well with bloods and chest.) But I have got horrible tooth pain right across my gums as part of my TMD (I think) and it is defintely the pain which gets me down the most despite having widespread nerve pain everywhere and a sore tummy just now. So you have my sympathy.

    Having recently been on two different antibiotics for pneumonia I learned that Candida (too much yeast I think) can cause the mouth to become full of yeast born bacteria when all the sugars in honey, medicines, fruit etc build up/ ferment in the bowel. I learned this from a scientist and it sounded fairly spot on so I tried eliminating all sugars, even healthy ones, from my diet for a couple of days. It did seem to work well for my over sensitive teeth but unfortunately I slipped back to fruit smoothies and dark chocolate once off antibiotics and am in a lot of pain in my mouth again. Could be just coincidence but worth a thought perhaps?

  • I phoned NHS 111 but they asked me to wait until tomorrow as my own dentist has already started treatment. I did find another dentist but it was miles away and I didn't feel well enough to get there.

    Work is very busy on tomorrow and Wednesday but it looks like I have no choice but to get seen earlier than my booked appt on Thursday. I'm a social worker and find it really hard to let people down when I know they are relying on me. :(

    I get thrush every 6-8 weeks regardless of if I've been on antibiotics or not. I've seen specialists and had every treatment but they can't seem to clear the blimmin' fungal infection from my body. <sigh> I've tried the anti thrush diet to no avail, my body is stubborn.

  • Oh Crashdoll I do feel for you. I'm clutching my own teeth constantly just now and mine is just neuralgia - I know what you have is much worse because I've always had weak teeth, abscesses etc and is the one type of pain that sends me off my trolly whereas mine is just very unpleasant.

    Please just tell yourself that you won't be much use for your clients if you are in terrible pain - another incentive to get dental help as soon as possible.

    Interesting what you say about candida. The admin person on neurotalk forum advised me to avoid all forms of sugar and get a natural anti candida supplement online. I'm such a sceptic that I only went for sugar avoidance though! X

  • I too am on MTX , humira, but also hydroxy chloroquine. I have had problems with my mouth ever since starting MTX, and it has got worse since I started humia. I have terrible ulcers, and really sore gums.

    I find that using difflam mouthwash helps, and any tooth gel eg dentinox or oragel can help in between. It's never gone away, sometimes I can't eat. Hope yours gets a bit better soon. M x

    If you can't get anything else meantime, using warm salty water as a mouthwash sometimes helps

  • Dental and mouth pain is so miserable, isn't it? I feel for you. Thank you for the advice. I use mouthwash but I'll try a stronger one and I was advised by the OOH dental nurse to wash my mouth with warm salt water which I have been doing.

  • I have found turmeric tea helpful with dental pain. It's a very short-term helpful, but when your teeth hurt so much even a little is worth a shot, yes? I grate the root into one of my tea blends (not delicious, I recommend honey, too) but you'd probably be fine with the powder, as well. It's probably already tomorrow there, but best of luck to you!


  • Try difflam, it's the best, , generic name benzydamine hydrochloride, my specialist nurse gives it for these problems. Are you taking folic acid, I take it every day except MTX day, it can help as well.

    You're right, it's a pain, literally, and I do feel for you. I was a social worker myself, so can appreciate the pressure you are working under!

    Do hope that you get some relief soon. Mavis x

    PS Sometimes soluble aspirin can be an effective mouthwash, and dull the pain. M x

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