Airplane and needles

Airplane and needles

I'm going away for 10 days, so I'm going to need to take 2 MTX injections and 1 Humira. I know I need a cool box, do I need a letter from hospital pharmacy (for MTX) and Healthcare at Home (for Humira)? The MTX comes in syringes, so should I put the needles in my suitcase and do I have to let the airline know that needles are going in my non-hand luggage?

I'm going to Israel and obviously, they are very security conscious, so I want to make sure I'm crossing my Ts and dotting my Is.

Thanks in advance.

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  • If you get a letter from your doctor/hah you can take them in hand luggage, but of course you need to declare them . Personally, I wouldn't trust my meds in my luggage, in case of loss of suitcase. You will need a cool bag for the humira.

    Have a good time! ! M x

  • I travelled from Saudi Arabia with my Humira syringes. I got a letter from my doctor here, one in English, one in Arabic but no one has yet looked at the letters. I carried the injections in a bag with cool packs in it, specifically for injections. I refused to let it go through the x-ray machine but they were fine about it.

    Look on the website for the airline you are travelling with to see their rules for carrying needles. I've had no problems so far. Clemmie

  • They have to go in your hand luggage - it's too cold for MTX in the hold. I have my letter from Healthcare at Home, and have never had any problem with security when I used to have needles and syringes, or now with pens.

    Just to add, my healthcare at Home letter says that MTX shouldn't go through the scanners, which was always a pain having to wait to get them checked manually. Eventually I got fed up (I travel a lot) and I checked with the manufacturers they said that was completely unnecessary and there's no problem with them going through scanners. And I have to admit to not even bothering to declare them as liquids these days, but just leaving them in my handbag.

    But I don't have Humira so have never asked about that.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  • Jacki08 asked a similar question earlier this evening but just regarding MTX, maybe you could look there too for answers. I hope you have a lovely holiday. :)

  • Thank you. I've now had a look. My worry was that I'm using syringes not the pens and was worried about the needles.

  • I would think it comes under the same conditions but if you're unsure it's always best to check with your airlines rules & of the country you're entering. They are sealed & inside a box so it shouldn't be a problem. I know others have travelled with them before switching to pens with no problems. I've only travelled by road with syringes not by air but the two countries I passed through I wasn't even questioned, though of course no x ray machines or the normal airport security measures were involved.

  • As long as you have some sort of letter showing that they are needed for medical reasons needles are ok. When I first started with MTX it was DIY - ie you got needles, syringes and the liquid separately - and I never had a problem.

  • I had to take letter from GP and recent prescription ! Had to take all my drugs as hand luggage. Hope that helps, enjoy your holiday 😀

  • Given where you're going I'd be sure to contact airline and get as much documentary backing as you can

  • Thank you, all. I think I will call the airline directly. The Humira is sealed and it's a pen anyway but the MTX is in a syringe with the needles just loose and in a bag. Clearly, they can't go in hand luggage but they might spot check my main suitcase and I want them to be aware.

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