It has taken me a little while to tell you about last week after my visit to the new rheumy

It has taken me a little while to tell you about last week after my visit to the new rheumy

Good morning everyone. Well as the heading goes it has take me a while to write about last Thursdays appointment. I had a second opinion with the approval of my first one. Anyway he has ordered a load of tests and things to be done,eg; x-ray,mri,ultrasound,breathing test and a psychio as well. He has also taken me of Naproxan and Sertraline and he has given me Cymbalta instead. I am not to take Tramadol with the co-codamol either, can still have them,but not together.

After that we came away having to go to x-ray first to hand in the forms and to take the breathing test form in and the psychio one as well. I didn't know how i felt to be honest and it took me a couple of more days to take it all in. Still we have this thing with the lack of inflammation and my fingers still hurt like hell.. I felt very empty and i didn't know why and down as well. I feel worn down by all these illnesses i have.

On Monday i felt really great so i set to and cleaned and polished my middle room downstairs and all the skirting boards as well and washed the floor. Then i polished all upstairs and still felt good so i did the ironing as well. It was a great day and i felt very accomplished afterwards, but come Tuesday boy did i know i had over done it. I was in agony all day long and i didn't feel a lot better on Wednesday,though i am starting to feel brighter this morning. Have been and collected a dressing table for my spare room in which i want to set up my facial and foot spas in there and use it as peace room,but that will have to wait until the single bed goes from there next week then i can get started.

I wish all you ladies a happy mothers day and i hope you all get lots of goodies from your children.xxxx

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  • Hi Sylvi. Isn't it a lovely feeling when you get such a lot done. Sometimes I think it's worth a couple of days of pain afterwards although I know it's not the right way to do things and pacing yourself is best. I just wanted to say how wonderful the Peace Room sounds. What a great idea - we should all have one. I'm very envious because our spare room is currently my husband's sanctuary, filled with his desk, computer, and all his man junk. Maybe I should put in a takeover bid. Best of luck with your next batch of tests. Hope you get some better information soon. Angela.

  • Love the picture hun. Heres hoping all the test will shed some light on your health. I'm told acupuncture hope I spelt that wright. Is very good for RA you can get this through phychio. Love from me x

  • Thank you both very much for your kind comments.xxxx

  • I do hope everything shows something, you know what I mean! Be kind to yourself & don't do too too much Syvi then you'll be able to appreciate all you've managed to do so far. I want a peace room! x

  • Hi Sylvie, love the flowers and thanks for Mother's Day wishes. I waste my breath reminding you to pace lol but yep I'm the same lol . I hope the new Rheumy helps you and they can ease your pain. Hugs xx

  • Allanah i haven't felt that well for years. Breathing was laboured hence i did rest between jobs. I am very tired now and i don't want to go out,but i have to as i have pain clinic at 4.30pm which i haven't got the energy for at the moment.xxxxx

  • Of course but pain clinics are such a good place for help. So I hope you get good advice today x

  • Just got back from the pain clinic and i have to go in for an infusion of licocaine in the next six weeks. He went through everything i take and all my illnesses and decided there and then to give me an infusion. I am in so much pain tonight i won't be long before i go to bed.xxxxx

  • Brilliant, good they are taking you seriously and have a plan xxx

  • It should read lidocaine Allanah,i have spelt it wrong as usual,but all the same even i was surprised by how quick the dr decided what he was going to do. I pray it works as this winter has been rotten for me. So onwards and upwards as they say. xxxx

  • agreed Sylvie, i think it will help you a lot, its good stuff x

  • Hi Sylvia,

    I know it can be so frustrating when you feel well one minute and then the next you are in pain. On Tuesday I went to work I don't work every day .On Tuesday evening I was in so much pain I couldn't Dr gave me Tramadol for pain so after taking that went to bed. In the night I was violently sick. I don't know what to do.if I work I end up in pain ,if I don't I don't get any money. I have just started my Methotrexate and wonder if things will ever get better .

    Happy mother's day to all mothers.xxxx

  • I have been on mtx for a long while and it was the hospital who has altered my drugs not the gp

  • Did I reply to you Sylvi? Oops, sorry! It was meant for heathersmum! I've sorted it.

  • My h was terribly sick on tramadol heathersmum & lost a weekend it laid him so low. It was prescribed on a Friday & started straight away so made the decision himself to not take any more. On the Monday the pain clinic told him to stop taking it! He is intolerant of many meds so it was no great surprise & he really shouldn't have taken it until the beginning of the week as he usually does as he expects adverse reactions to any new med. I would ask your GP if he can suggest an alternative if you don't wish to risk taking it again.

    Once your MTX gets to work properly you'll hopefully feel you're turning the corner, it must be so difficult for you just now. I would also contact your Rheumy nurse rather than your GP who doesn't seem to appreciate that the two can be prescribed together & see if she thinks you'd benefit from an NSAID.

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