On going high CRP saga

On going high CRP saga

Husband has finally got his itchy rash under control, of sorts, but his CRP level is still elevated at 47 and has been for nearly 12 months. He's back on Methotrexate not to help the RA but to control the itchy rash. The specialist has no idea what the rash and itchiness is, but thinks the DMARDS have affected his system in some way. The rash is healing, although he still has some open sores and a lot of scarring. He has also been found to have low levels of Vitamin D, so he has been recalled to his GP for an injection then tablets to correct. An on going saga that has caused months and months of pain and distress and unfortunately he is still no closer to finding out what it is, what's causing it or really how to get rid of it. The Methotrexate maybe helping now, but if DMARDS are the catalyst they could be making the situation worse. For now though he isn't itching as much and the sores aren't bleeding like they were. Picture of rash attached if anyone has any ideas, something similar let me know. Thanks

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  • Has he seen a dermatologist? I think I'd be asking about a dermatology referral if its been going on for this long.

  • He's seen a dermatologist specialist who has no idea as to cause. The Dermatolist specialist is now running joint clinics with rheumy as seeing more and more patients with skin probs linked to RA and DMARDS.

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