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Lost In Translation!

hi all,

had ana blood test,liver ultrasound,pain management consult,so that's good yeah?Wrong lol,start with ana test,off the chart got those results whilst chasing up liver(its fatty by the way so alt acceptable levels are being reviewed)so this was all back in November and I actually spoke to rheumy to get these results(a relevant point).So fast forward to last week and my pain management appt,so had exam,talked about meds,pain etc, goes to my bloods from January 23rd and then proceeded to tell me that i should have been referred to a haematologist,urine sample,and several other bloodworks.

1 week later i ring my gp ask about blood tests last two absolutely fine,so rang rheumy helpline next morning,told them about pain consult,they check the last two blood tests,nope all fine,"oh hang on what's this"these actions were from my blood tests in November,bearing in mind i had rung and actually retrieved these results from my rheumy helpline,so i await my next appointment which i am "assured" will be of a timely fashion,phooey!

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