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I am on leflunomide tablets I have had a constant cold with a cough now for about two months . Coughing up lots of catarrh . Antibiotics don't help any tips from anyone

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Hiya AbbieJ55. I guess you've seen your GP about your continuous colds etc as you've had antibiotics for it? Did he not have any thoughts of why antibiotics aren't having an effect? Usually they're given to fight bacterial infections not colds but of course we are susceptible to such things, particularly so at this time of year. Hardly surprising as we're huddled together buying gifts, food & the like & then in contact with people at parties & such but if they've been happening frequently or consistently I think it really needs reporting to your Rheumy team. Have you had bloods taken recently? Not having been prescribed leflunomide I'm not au fait with the guidelines for monitoring. Just wondering if it could be a reaction.


Thanks for your reply got rhmy appointment in February will mention it then ......


Do let us know how it goes. Just a thought, have you checked the patient information leaflet to check if you should expect a cold to hang around? Also do check the colour of the catarrh, I know it's gross but doctors usually know the root cause from the colour. ;)


it may be necessary to stop the Leflnunomide as it is an immunosupressant so your immune system is not able to fight off the virus. Phone your RA nurse for advice.


Thanks for advice an happy new year to you all.....

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I've been on Leflunomide for several years now, first 10mg with 25ml Methotrexate injections, now 20mg with 20ml Methotrexate injections and a reducing dose of Prednisolone. Leflunomide never gave me any problems like this, although now I am getting sinus problems due to the fact I now have Vasculitis as well as RA. Here are the side effects of the drug:



Definitely a good idea to get checked out by a doctor, as there are some lung problems that go along with both inflammatory arthritis, and as a side effect of the meds. If its been going on this long in spite of antibiotics it may not actually be an infection.


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